The 28 Site


The 28 research site of the Brazilian LTER aims at determining and prioritizing the environmental sensitivity of coastal ecosystems in the Santa Catarina State, in order to delimit the future monitoring of the sensitivity areas facing climate changes impacts for the maintenance and conservation of marine biodiversity.


Created with the approval of the "Determination of the Coastal Sensitivity to Monitoring the Environmental Impacts of Climate Change on the Santa Catarina Coastal Zone” project in the CNPq 59/2009 announcement, the 28 Site allows the incorporation of the entire coastal zone of Santa Catarina into the Brazilian PELD.

The project will last for three years with two possible renewals, completing nine-year term. It has been developed by the University of Itajaí Valley - UNIVALI under the action of the following research laboratories:


  • Applied Computing Laboratory;
  • Laboratory of Geoprocessing and Remote Sensing;
  • Research in Environmental Impacts Laboratory;
  • Laboratory of Geological Oceanography.



Figure 1: Research team of the 28 Site.


Specific Objectives of the 28 Site:

  • To evaluate the use of indexes for determining and mapping the environmental sensitivity of the Santa Catarina coastal zone;
  • To develop an open source database of biological resources;
  • To create an Education Atlas on-line with all the information survey that has been conducted throughout the research.


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